NL-770 R 2m/70cm mobile antenna


2m/70cm Hi gain mobile antenna

High quality stainless steel construction 144/432Mhz mobile antenna.

Frequency                144/432Mhz

Gain                        3.0/5.5db

Max power               150 watts    

V.S.W.R.                  < 1.5

Impedance               50 ohms

Connector                UHF type

Length                     960mm

Weight                     228g 


Order Code:   ME-NR770L


Price: £17.95 ea

NR770L Magnetic Mount


A 4" diameter high quality magnetic mount for use with the above antenna or any 5/8 wave and below mobile whip with SO239 connection.  Supplied with 5m cable and PL259 plug.


Order Code:   ME-MAG4


Price £9.95 ea

Mobile antenna mounts



Universal hatch trunk mount, accepte SO239 socket and cable as listed below


Order Code:  ME-RB20B


Price:  £14.95




Higher quality universal hatch/trunk mount, accepts SO239 socket for antenna mounting and cable as listed below.


Order Code:  ME-K33


Price:  £14.95

5m cable with SO239 socket and PL259 plug

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A 5 metre RG58 50 ohm cable fitted witha SO239 socket and hardware for fitting either to the RB20B or K33 hatch/trunk mounts detailed above.   Fitted at the other end with a PL259 plug.


Order Code:  ME-CABLE5M


Price:  £9.95

RB20B plus 5m cable kit

RB20B hatch/trunk gutter mount fitted with 5m cable kit.



Order Code:  ME-RB20B5M


Price:  £ 24.95

KE33 plus 5m cable kit

KE33 hatch/trunk gutter mount fitted with 5m cable kit.

Order Code:  ME-K335M


Price:  £ 29.95


Length:                 2.5m / Radial length:approx.92cm(50MHz),52cm 

Weight:                 1.2kg
Gain:                     2.15dBi(50~52MHz),6.2dB(144MHz),8.4dB(430MHz)
Max.power rating:   150W 

Impedance:            50ohms
VSWR:                   <1.5:1
Mast diameter accepted:30mm to 62mm 

Type:1/2wave C-Load(50MHz),2x5/8wave C-Load(144MHz),4x5/8wave C-Load(430MHz)


Order Code: ME-V2000

Now discontinued




2m/70cm Base colinear

Dual Band Vertical Antenna

Frequency:                    144/432Mhz

Gain:                            3.0dB (144MHz), 5.5dB (430MHz)
Height:                          1.3m
Impedance:                    50 ohms
Type:                            1/2 (144MHz), 2 x 5/8 (430MHz) - Fibreglass Outershell

Connector:                     UHF type


Order Code:   ME-X30

Now discontinued, replaced by our antenna ME270


2m/70cm Base colinear

Dual band vertical antenna

Frequency:              144/432Mhz

Gain:                      4.5dB (144MHz), 7.2dB (430MHz)

Height:                    1.7m

Impedance:             50 ohms

Connector:               UHF type



Order Code:   ME-X50

Now discontinued

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TinySA Spectrum analyser to 960Mhz . Supplier of the genuine TinySA.




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Price    £69.95 + UK Post £7.50

Europe post £10.00

In stock now.


NEW 50Khz to 2000 Mhz 4 Inch screen NanoVNA

50Khz to 2000 Mhz Vector

Network Analyser. Read SWR,Smith chart .TDMA

Filters etc



Order Code: ME-VNAH4

Price £79.95

Post £7.50

Europe post £10.00

Our best seller 50khz to 1999Mhz standard VNA, All leads, SMA plugs and smart presentation box.


Order Code  ME-VNA

Price: £49.95 + £7.50 post

In stock now