Antenna Baluns 1:1, 4:1, 9:1

A choice of 1:1 , 4:1 or 9:1 antenna baluns, all  500w fully encapsulated balun with connections for long wire, loop, dipole antenna etc depending on the buyers requirements.  All have PL259 connection.



1:1 Balun 500w

1:1 Balun 500w rating in encapsulated waterproof housing with eyelets for cables and SO239 Connector.  


Order Code;  ME-BAL1

Price £24.95   Post £5.00

1:4 Balun 500w

1:4 balun in encapsulated case with eyelets and SO239 connection 500w rating.


Order Code: ME-BAL4

Price: £24.95 Post £5.00

1:9 Balun 500w

1:9 Balun in encapsulated waterproof case with eyelets and SO239 connection 500w rated.


Order Code: ME-BAL9

Price: £24.95 Post £5.00

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TinySA Spectrum analyser to 960Mhz . Supplier of the genuine TinySA.




Order Code ME-TINYSA

Price    £69.95 + UK Post £5.00 Sorry no Europe orders.

Back in stock 07/03/22


NEW 50Khz to 2000 Mhz 4 Inch screen NanoVNA

50Khz to 2000 Mhz Vector

Network Analyser. Read SWR,Smith chart .TDMA

Filters etC


Order Code: ME-VNAH4  Uk

Price £79.95
Back in stock .

Our best seller 50khz to 1500Mhz standard VNA, All leads, SMA plugs and smart presentation box.


Order Code  ME-VNA

Price: £49.95 + £5.00 post

Now back in stock.