Baofeng DM9HX 2/70 DMR Tier1/11 and FM analogue


Baofeng DM9HX is the new DMR and Analogue dual band 2m and 70cm radio.

Easy to program and use with the supplied software and dedicated programming lead the radio offers full Tier 1 and Tier 2 operation making it fully compatible with the Motorola, TYT, Anytone etc. The radio is supplied with a 2100maH Lithium battery,mains charger,carry strap,program lead,software ear/mic earset and comprehensive English manual.. Buy a dual band DMR/FM Analogue for only £79.95




Power.                                                1w/5w

Operation.                                           DMR Tier1/2 FM Analogue

Battery                                                Lithium 2100maH

Channels                                             1024

Zones.                                                 256 with 16 channels per zone

Rx Groups.                                          64 each group has 16 contact ID's

Text                                                     Receiving/sending max 64 characters

Digital Monitor mode                          Allows monitoring regardless of colour

                                                           code, time slot etc

Antenna                                               SMA male




Order Code      ME-DM9HX

Price               £ 79.95 ea

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NEW BAOFENG DM9HX Dual band 2/70 DMR + 2/70 analogue.

Just arrived Baofeng DMR DM9HX. 2/70 + analogue, 2100maH battery , mains charger, manual.